Uncover your true security potential

Shape your career in cyber security.

Set off on a professional journey to accelerate your professional growth and cyber security career.

Two-year program

For two years, you'll work for one of our clients, backed by the Cronos Security Academy and of course, your top-notch cyber security community.

Skill development

Growth is one of your main goals, both professionally and as a person. Get ready to seriously improve your tech and interpersonal skills.


Working in cyber security is not a walk in the park. Your coach helps you to navigate your job and find your way within The Cronos Group.

Driven community

Cyber security is a teamsport. You know that. In the Academy, you'll learn, grow and develop together with other driven Academy-colleagues.

High-speed career shaping. You’re in the driver’s seat.

The Cronos Security Academy is an intense two-year journey within the cyber security wing of The Cronos Group. A program designed to accelerate your professional growth and propel you into a high-impact, long-term cyber security career.

✔️ Security mindset
✔️ Eager to learn
✔️ Pragmatic approach

You eat, sleep and breathe cyber security.

You know: cyber security is a team sport. With no room for egos or lone wolves. A career in security demands discipline, communication and a healthy level of confidence. Without being too cocky.

However, small missteps can turn into huge disasters in the blink of an eye. So, flight or freeze just doesn’t cut it in cyber security. At the start of your career, this might feel daunting and overwhelming. We get it.

The Academy is designed to support and guide you, while you shape your career within cyber security - with the necessary lifelines.

Signing up - what's next?

To make things clear: signing up does not mean you'll automatically enroll in the Cronos Security Academy. Look at it as a regular job application. It just expresses your interest in the program.

First, we'll get in touch to arrange an introduction call to get to know eachother. We ask you questions, you ask us questions. If there's a match - from both sides - we'll move on to the next round.

Ready to level up your career?

You are the right fit for the Cronos Security Academy if you eat, sleep and breathe cyber security and:

✔️ you have a true security mindset
✔️ you're serious about personal growth
✔️ you're eager to learn (a lot)
✔️ you're a pragmatic team player

Secure your career

Neither Dunning, nor Kruger has nothing on you? You know you don’t know everything. Hell, you know you’ve just uncovered the tip of the iceberg. And now you’re hungry for more. Sign up and secure your cyber security career!

Nice! We’ll get in touch to unlock the first step of your career in Security.

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